AC Repair in West Palm Beach

When Your Air Conditioner is in Need of Repair in West  Palm Beach

The Cost of an HVAC Contractor In West Palm Beach

Your HVAC Repair in West Palm Beach contractor can do a once-a-year tune up for around $75 to $110. This semi-annual maintenance can be vital to preventing major HVAC Contractor West Palm Beachrepairs down the road. It can also surely provide you a sense of security.  Also, if you are thinking about selling your home, your home inspector will be able to inspect and verify that you have a properly running air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Repair Troubleshooting

 Here are a few signs that your air conditioning system is in need of repair.
1) Your air conditioner does not work at all. make sure your thermostat is set correctly. Is it set to “cool”. Also, check to see that the
temperate you have set it on is less than the temperate of the house.  If this is not the problem then see if a breaker has been tripped. This is typically the number one reason an ac stops working.

2) There is little or no air coming out of the vents when the ac is running. If the thermostat is set to a normal temperature and it is still warm in your house, the air conditioner if malfunctioning somewhere.

3) Your central air unit is making weird noises.  Hearing your air conditioner running in the background in your home constantly, you are probably familiar with the noises it makes.  With that said, if you hear noises that are not consistent with what you normally hear, it is probably time to have an air conditioner repair professional check out your central unit.

4) Your air conditioner is leaking water. Having a little bit of condensation around your central unit is quite normal. However, lots of water around the unit is a sign of problems. For a central air conditioning unit, water can be especially serious, because the electrical components need to be protected. You should then call a HVAC repair contractor for assistance.

5) Your air conditioner central unit  is frozen. Ice in or around your ac unit can be just as troublesome as water. Blocked or restricted airflow can lead to a build up of ice, which can make your air conditioner freeze up.

When to Call The Air Conditioning Experts in West Palm Beach, Fl

AC Repair FLIf you discover any of these problems with your air conditioner, it is definitely time to call an expert ac professional. You know, the reason you air conditioning is to make you comfortable.  When that is not happening, it is time to get air conditioning service from a professional.