Air Conditioning Repair Costs in West Palm Beach

Various Costs of AC Repair in West Palm Beach FL

Living in a place like West Palm Beach can be pretty depressing without air conditioning. When your goes out and is need of some kind ofAC Repair repair, it is very easy to imagine repair costs that exceed $500 or $1000 based on your experience. With air conditioner repair costs being what they are in West Palm Beach, you may need to investigate and try to determine if you can fix the problem yourself. DIY repairs of course, should only be done when practical. An example of repairs or service that you can do yourself are thermostat replacement, cleaning the coil and maybe repairing or replacing a wire that power the ac repair unit.

Price Ranges of Air Conditioner Repair

If you live in West Palm Beach, it would be wise to know air conditioning repair costs in west palm beach. The cost of repairs can run anywhere from $35.00 (the price of a service call) to to $5000.00 (if your central unit needs replacement. You should get familiar with the manual for your central unit so that you can discover common reasons for air conditioner malfunction or failure. One common reason for air conditioning break down is misuse. This can be from neglecting to replace the filter or failure to have periodic maintenance on your ac unit. 

Common Air Conditioning Central Unit Issues

West Palm BeachFreon leakage is one of the most common issues with your air conditioner. To get an ac repair technician in West Palm Beach to check for a leak can cost anywhere from $200 up to $1700. It will of course, depend on how bad the leak is. It will also vary depending on the make and model of your central air unit in Florida. Another common problem is a defective thermostat. This is job you can do yourself. If you elect to get an air conditioning contractor to do it, you may end up paying anywhere from $50 to $200.00 with labor costs included.  The air compressor can be potentially the biggest expense you might face. You are looking at anywhere from $1300 to $1800 for replacement.